5 Space-saving Inspiration With Sliding Doors That Can Save Space

A building certainly has a door as access in and out, because the door is a link between one room with another room. Various door models can also be considered when building a building owner.

Therefore many types of doors that can be used as options, ranging from the material, motifs, design, and color. The selection can be adjusted to taste, home concepts or even goals in the future because it will help show the neat side of the house and saves space usage.

If you want to save on the use of space and show the area of your home, sliding doors can be the right solution. Compared to ordinary hinge doors which take up a lot of space when opened, this sliding door can also help enhance the look of a home.

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However, with so many variations in the selection of sliding doors you can also see it in terms of needs, raw materials and the function of each of these sliding doors, such as some types that are below.

1. The wood material can provide more privacy in your home

Solid and not transparent that is what describes this wooden door. So that makes the wooden sliding door is suitable for maintaining your privacy at home like placed in a warehouse. The goods that are piled up in the warehouse will not be seen and are certainly easy to hide. Besides the warehouse, this door is also suitable for small spaces where the storage of household cleaning equipment is stored. The unique wood motif also helps to make the house look neat and this door will also give the effect of living in space.

2. Frosted glass material that limits vision

Frosted glass and clear glass in general have differences. This frosted glass material still gets incoming light but it will limit the inside vision of the room so that your privacy is maintained inside. This type of door can be used for a messy kitchen, so you can hide the spices and cooking utensils, also used in bathrooms located in rooms that don’t take up too much space.

3. Fold the sliding door for more space

Have a room that needs a big door but don’t want to use a lot of space? Sliding door folding answer. Although this type of sliding door is one that takes place when opened, but this door is suitable for a garage or family room. So that these spaces will feel more relieved when the doors are stacked to open the road.

4. The partition between spaces by a clear glass sliding door

Having a transparent nature, this clear glass sliding door can be used as a partition between spaces at home. You could just put it between the family room and dining room. Even though the room has a limitation by the sliding door, the room actually merges and gets a broad effect when the sliding door is opened.

5. House walls made of sliding doors

Sliding doors have a variety of functions, one of which can be used as a wall of the house. Sliding rails hidden in the ceiling can show the space and dark door colors can show different wall accents. This sliding door panel can use a variety of materials, ranging from wood, glass, mirrors, even metal. This door can also be used as a liaison for the bedroom because it can still maintain privacy from inside the room.


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