How To Choose The Type Of Home Lighting For Each Room

The choice of interior lighting is often overlooked when decorating a room. Surely there are still many deh of you who put just a makeshift lamp in fact, if the type of home light is chosen properly, the appearance of the room can look very different.

Design considerations, color, shape, and type of interior lighting can provide a good influence on the room of the house.

In more detail, here are some of the benefits of choosing and using the right home interior lights:

  • Will make the interior decoration color of the house more apparent,
  • Give a warm atmosphere and atmosphere in the room,
  • Give confirmation of identity in each zone in the room at home.

Very interesting is not the benefit?

Before discussing the right type of home lighting for each room, you need to know first about the types of lighting that are commonly used.

See the full review below:


Types of home lighting for the interior

1. Incandescent lamps

Incandescent lamps or often referred to as bulbs are lamps that have existed from ancient times.

You must be very aware of the character behind the creation of this one interior light …

Yes, Thomas Alfa Edison!

The bright yellow color produced by the light bulb is very warm and attractive.

Although known to be wasteful of energy, this one lamp is still often used by people to create a certain atmosphere in the interior of their homes. The price is cheap!

Unfortunately, the lamp contains incandescent wire, nitrogen gas, krypston, hydrogen, argon, and others that quickly die. Its use is only around three to four months or 1000 hours. You also have to buy a new incandescent lamp if the other one is dead.

This type of home lighting is widely used both inside and outside the home.

2. Fluorescent lamps

there are many names to call this light sometimes called fluorescent lamps. some call it tl or tubular lamp. but most often people call it a neon light.

the shape of the neon light itself is very diverse, like this:

  • spiral, twisted, or tornado
  • ordinary longitudinal straight
  • vertical lengthening is equipped with fittings such as incandescent lamps.

compared to incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps have brighter light and are also energy efficient.

if you use this one lamp at home, you don’t need to replace it for the next 10 years. that’s for fluorescent lamps with a good brand and a relatively more expensive price. if you buy a cheap fluorescent lamp, the durability may only be up to six months of use.

  • In addition to the advantages above, here are the positive benefits of using fluorescent lamps:
  • cost-effective because you don’t need to buy lights often.
  • has a variety of colors: yellow, white, and other colors.

environmentally friendly because you only use one lamp in a fairly long period of time.

3. LED lights

Switch to the third type of lamp, namely led lights. Unlike the two previous lights, this type of lighting has no incandescent.

This type of interior light consists of a semiconductor circuit that can emit light when getting electricity. Because the forming elements and the light rays from the electricity, even the LED lights do not cause excessive heat. Even indoor rooms that use LED lights will not easily heat up.

Here are the advantages of other led lights you need to know:

  • The colors of the lights are very diverse, from white, yellow, to blue and red.
  • Energy-saving because it emits bright light with a small wattage compared to neon.
  • Durable; can stay alive for up to 20 years.

Although the price is relatively expensive, touching hundreds of thousands of rupiahs, the use of led lights is still more efficient. if accumulated, you can save a lot of money because you don’t need to buy a lamp every year.

4. Halogen lamp

Although not commonly used as interior lighting, halogens are used to provide a spotlight on artistic objects in the house. This halogen lamp is also very suitable for use on the exterior of a house as a lighting source for objects in the garden, such as:

  • Pergola plants or something
  • Statue
  • Fish pond or swimming pool

Not only becomes brighter, but your home garden will also look more dramatic and attractive. Just like the three lights above, halogen lamps have a color variant.

Available in yellow and white for this type of halogen lamp.

Choosing the type of home lighting

In choosing the type of home lighting for interiors should consider the following matters:

  • passages, stairs, and landing areas
  • the right type of home light for family/guest room
  • creating interior lights that make the dining room more inviting
  • illuminate the kitchen area with the right type of home lighting
  • lighting in the study room and workspace to be more focused
  • don’t choose the wrong bathroom lights to stay safe!
  • comfortable, relaxed and calm with the right interior lighting in the bedroom

I hope you can choose the right type of home lighting to light up and make the room look more attractive!


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