Elegant Dark Gray Cabinets Inspiration

Most kitchen designs are practically the same and boring. Therefore, in this one idea book, there are some interesting and unique ideas, featuring stylish and beautiful kitchen interiors whatever the shape of the room. With competent layouts and various approaches to decorating styles, all the creativity, and imagination, so as to produce a variety of interesting spaces following! Not only that, each room is very practical and adapted to the daily kitchen functions, comfortable to experiment and to relax with family. Cooking activities in the kitchen will feel more comfortable if there is a kitchen cabinet. This kitchen cabinet is a storage area for cooking utensils, tableware, to spices. With a kitchen cabinet in the kitchen area, you don’t need to walk far to prepare all your cooking needs.

The kitchen cabinet is adapted to the size and color of the kitchen, if your kitchen is white you can use a dark gray colored cabinet. The color is dark but will look elegant indeed always looks beautiful. Gray gray as a countertop, the look of the kitchen will be clearer and spectacular and complete harmonious interior. If you have furniture made of stainless steel, then you are lucky. Because furniture made of stainless steel can blend with any color. However, if you have furniture that is dominated by dark colors such as black, then you can choose cabinet colors with contrast tones so that the feel of the kitchen room does not look bleak.

If you use a dark gray cabinet, you should apply bright and bold colors. Retro colors will be very suitable for your home kitchen. The colors red, blue, orange, yellow and will make the kitchen cabinet stand out so the room looks more lively and has a contemporary look. This bright and bold color is perfect when combined with furniture that has fine and shiny characteristics. So that the colors are not too flashy, give 2 different tones in the kitchen cabinet by giving a dark color and given a bright color accent. Bright colors can not only be displayed in the kitchen, but you can also display it on the kitchen island so that the cabinet’s color remains beautiful.

You should look for references so that your cabinet matches your kitchen, and most importantly adjust it to the size of your kitchen, don’t let your cabinet be too big for your kitchen. Pay attention to the color of your kitchen if you will use a cabinet with a dark gray color. Hopefully, this will be useful for you, you can apply it in your home, especially in your kitchen

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