7 Practical And Easy Tips In Minimalist Home Decor

The change of the year not only presents a new year, but a new spirit is important and highly desirable for everyone. In order to bring new enthusiasm, changes in the atmosphere also always need to be changed. It can be started by redecorating the minimalist house that you can follow the tips here.

1. Change the paint on your wall with a brighter color

The spirit of the new year can be present through bright colors for your home. This can build optimism in starting the days before the move outside the home. A comfortable home atmosphere will increase your enthusiasm to undergo your routine throughout the year

2. Decorate your home with flowers or indoor plants

Not only as a complement to home decor, but flowers and indoor ornamental plants can also provide a calm and beautiful atmosphere in the living room area.

Many people assume that the plants used as living room table decorations are difficult to care for and sometimes difficult to grow. If the treatment is not right, its presence might actually make the atmosphere dull because of its browned leaves. However, still, plants are one of the decorating ideas that you should try. Moreover, this green plant can be obtained easily and the price is very affordable.

3. Adjust furniture with new paint colors

The harmony of the interior for minimalist home decor must still be maintained. Replacement of furniture models that match the color of the paint is needed so as not to deviate from the new feel to be built.

Cool living room paint color is a dream living room for someone who has a calm personality, calm, loves nature, and likes peace, because the color of paint on the walls of the room does have a powerful role in influencing emotions.

4. Improve air circulation and natural lighting in the home

Not only interior aesthetics that need to be addressed. Changing your window to dimensions with a wider size will provide good air circulation and natural lighting for the inside of the house.

Make sure that the lighting in the living room is enough to make it look more spacious. During the day, open the window to facilitate air circulation and so that natural light enters the room.

5. Give the character of your home with art

Additional works of art, such as paintings or sculptures can complement the beauty of a house. Not only in addition to home decoration, artwork can bring the character of the owner of the residence.

A work of art can not only be enjoyed in an art gallery or museum. Instagram phenomenon triggers awareness of the importance of the beauty of art in various spaces, including the living room at home.

6. Build a small garden in the back of the house or the empty side of the house

Building a small garden in the back of the house, you can present a cool, relaxing area thanks to the greenery that is planted.

The advantage if you have a large area is that it can make the park as a children’s play area or become a very pleasant family gathering place. You can create a concept of outdoor living and outdoor dining if you have a large area. You can put lounge chairs, tables and chairs to eat or swing.

7. Arranging minimalist style bedroom

Redecorating the master bedroom in a minimalist style is not only able to present a new atmosphere but can give a spacious impression to the room.

Applying the concept of minimalism does not mean arranging the bedroom with a minimalist design style, but only placing essential furniture for the bedroom. Try to sort out any furniture that you really need when arranging your bedroom.


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